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HPE SURF | 5\'11\'\' - 6\'11\'\' - 7\'11\'\' - 8\'11\'\'

HPE SURF | 5\'11\'\' - 6\'11\'\' - 7\'11\'\' - 8\'11\'\'


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HPEcarbon classic gray

"A real surfboard" with the appearance of aSoftboard, but fast andperformerslike a missile! The design is all about ease of use while incorporating elements that ensure performance when the waves start pumping! These {} have the perfect design for those learning tosurferand they want to improve their performance, but thanks to various tests these {} have proven to work as a more technical and faster wave option for experienced surfers! 

  • HPE - high performance softboards for any kind of wave
  • cnc cad shape double layers epoxy shell + middle wood 8mm stringer 2 carbon stringers(best flex control)
  • full high density EVA rails special diamond deck anti slippery texture (NO WAX)
  • FUTURE system hard plastic thruster fins – HPDE mat slick bottom

Available in sizes: z

HPE 5'11''x21x2 1'' 45 L

HPE 6'11''x22x2 3'' 53 L

HPE7'11''x23''x2 7/8'' 65L

HPE8'11''x24''x 3 1'' 98L

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