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SURF HPR | 5' - 6'8'' - 9'1''

SURF HPR | 5' - 6'8'' - 9'1''


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Red and fiery as the lava of a volcano, we have gone too far and pushed with this construction technology to the extreme boundary between rigid Boards and softboard. They are Boards advanced under the guise of a '' soft ''!

The whole deck is completely covered with soft anti-slip PU which can also replace the use of wax. The rails are lined with sturdy and stiff EVA. The bottom is 'clear vision' epoxy with a matte finish and exclusive graphics. Thin and sharp edges to tackle decisive rail to rail.

These Boards will surprise you with performance and ease of conduction even in the fastest and most consistent waves. A true custom-made soft. World class construction, laminated with a double layer of epoxy fiber above and below, two carbon 'T' wingers in the top plus a generous central carbon reinforcement in the bottom, make these red 'beasts' among the stiffest out there.

Supplied HPR Volvano Lava Red offers 3 FINS fiber with fast profiles and a great drive, the system is future.

You will have a hard time distinguishing it among the rigid ones in your personal quiver!

The modern shapes are CAD DESIGN and made CNC SHAPE like all the other ALIBI softboards.

Available in sizes:

HPR JUNIOR COMP 5'x17 3″x2 1″ 23L

HPR OUTSIDE BANKS 6'8″x22 1″x3″ 56L

HPR ISOLA RUJA9'1″x22 1/3″x3″ 75L

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